Visit us at The Macon.
We believe
coffee & friends make 
the perfect blend!
Open M-F,  7am-3pm
Address: 2021 Reynolds Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405   U.S.A
The Macon

Destined to be your new hotspot for
an affordable breakfast and lunch!

"The Macon" is a local gathering spot in our community where friendships as rich and bold as our coffee are both born and grown within our doors. We look to be good stewards in our neighborhood and will remain committed to serving our community with good eats, treats, and the magic of time with old and new friends!

Come on out for a visit and see how Reynolds Avenue is growing!

Our Antipasto Salad

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Our Chicken Pesto Panini

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Why Us?
Reynolds Avenue was once a thriving spot, and we see it at the threshold of being one again!  We are paving the way by "macon coffee" and providing good, affordable breakfasts and lunches for our friends, neighbors, and visitors.  

Stopping in at "The Macon" makes you a part of something bigger.  Our customers are promoting the economic development of North Charleston, helping us offer jobs within the community, and encouraging other businesses to see the opportunity we see. 

With your help, we are paving the way for a strong economic corridor on Reynolds Avenue one cup, one sandwich at a time!  
We are excited about the "The Macon" being in our community and are ready to serve you with a smile!

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